Aiazzone Numbers

On March 2010 Renato Semeraro spoke back on this manner to the accuses: " I can be given some thing, even the expert bankrupt. But I am no longer a thief. Not even a cheater. I will in no way accept that and it is not proper. I failed to take out a single cent from the organization". What is certain is that, some years have passed and in the mild of the remaining events, Aiazzone case turned out to be some thing extra than a simple case of bankrupt: the organization crisis shines a mild on brilliant numbers.

Renato Semeraro, together with Gianmauro Borsano, determined to begin a mission which appeared as formidable as vital: turn around the economic destiny of Aiazzone- society of the 80es with base in Biella that produced kitchens, sofas, fixtures for dwelling rooms, bedrooms- thru a new society, Panmedia. Therefore from 1 August 2010 the antique Aiazzone is substituted through the new Panmedia, even if the personnel maintains to work for the same proprietors: Renato Semeraro and Gianmauro Borsano. After 365 days the destiny of the company became enough clean: the masses of households which had depended on the vintage emblem Aiazzone, paid deposits of 10% or 30% and never received any fixtures from the business enterprise. Because of the discontent of hundreds of folks and of many employees, who had been waiting respectively, for his or her furniture and for their wages, national tv news and tv indicates, like Le iene, pointed out the situation, sadly with out a essential end result for the injured parties.

The frustration and the anger of those injured via Panmedia ( or Aiazzone, as you pick) cause a fire set the second of April 2010 to the doormat of the Emmelunga store of Corso Grosseto 336, employer controlled by way of Giuseppe Gallo, administrator additionally of Panmedia. Just the nicely-timed intervention of firemen stopped the hearth, and prevent its propagation within the warehouse, full of wooden furniture, wherein the catastrophe would have been certain. Probably the determined act changed into guided by using the anger for the dozen of excuses and the misleading advertising and marketing made through Panmedia.

Just a few days ago the Bankruptcy Court released some dates related to the inquiry: creditors who registered to the bankrupt are 2.090 amongst which would be privileged, inside the compensation, first the 630 personnel, the provider and artisans who worked for the employer. At the quit of the listing, alas, there are all the severa customers. Only the ones who sold the furnishings with a financing may want to ask to the finance company for a compensation. But what's, in keeping with the inquiries of the Bankruptcy Court, the Trojan horse which allowed Aiazzone first, and Panmedia after, to go into with such easiness in Italian wallets? How is it possible that a society which had such remarkable receipts, is now in such bankrupt? Where are the cash?

According to the prosecution, Gianmauro Borsano (ex president of Torino Football team and ex socialist-parliamentary), Renato Semeraro- his associate in the society ??B&S??- and Giuseppe Gallo- administrator of Panmedia (which bought the chains Aiazzone)-had literary emptied the societies of the group which had been into debts with the Revenue through pretended assets conveyances and society partnerships, directing all of the money owed in some societies and putting the profits in new societies, expressly created. Final end result: the three enterprise men at the moment are in prison, all with the same accuses: crook financial disaster, documents misappropriation, fraudulent evasion from tax bills and cash-laundering however the repayment for all injured elements continues to be a ways away.

Article written by Serena Rigato with assist from mobili camerette. For more records please go to catalogo cucine or mobili in step with salotti.

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